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Interview Date : Will be held in the month of April Tentatively

If anyone has got mail or any other tryst worthy info d share with us in the below Comment box




(A) Your duties as a Development Officer shall be

i) To develop and increase the production of Life Insurance business in a planned way as far as may be practicable in the area that may be allotted to you or in which you are allowed to work from time to time through the agents placed under your supervision by the Corporation.

ii) To guide, supervise and direct the activities of the Agents placed under your supervision by the Corporation.

iii) To introduce suitable persons to the Corporation for Appointment as new Agents.

iv) To act generally in such a way as to activise existing Agents and motivate new Agents, so as to develop a stable agency force.

v) To render all such services to policyholders conducive to better policy servicing.

vi) To carry out the investigation of claims, revival of lapsed policies and liaison work in connection with the Salary Savings Scheme business.

vii) To perform such other duties as may be entrusted or assigned to you from time to time.

(B) You shall ensure that the Agents in your organisation conduct their work and/or business strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act, 1938 and
Rules framed there under, and such other Rules and Regulations that the Corporation may issue from time to time and LIC of India (Agents) Regulations, 1972 read with Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Licensing of
Insurance Agents) Regulations, 2000 as amended from time to time and in the best interest of the Corporation.

(C) After an agent recruited at your instance, has continuously worked for the Corporation for a period of 5 years or more, and the Chief Manager/Sr./Branch

Manager is satisfied that the agent is no longer in need of the help and guidance of any Development Officer, such an agent may be treated as a Direct at the sole discretion of the Corporation.


Types of Life Insurance in India

Life insurance products come in a variety of offerings catering to the investment needs and objectives of different kinds of investors. Following is the list of broad categories of life insurance products:

Term Insurance Policies
The basic premise of a term insurance policy is to secure the immediate needs of nominees or beneficiaries in the event of sudden or unfortunate demise of the policy holder. The policy holder does not get any monetary benefit at the end of the policy term except for the tax benefits he or she can choose to avail of throughout the tenure of the policy. In the event of death of the policy holder, the sum assured is paid to his or her beneficiaries. Term insurance policies are also relatively cheap to acquire compared to other insurance products.

Endowment Policies
This basically falls into the category of an insurance-cum-investment product. Unlike a regular term insurance policy, an endowment plan provides returns on investment at the end of the policy term. There are several varieties of endowment plans, and the rate of returns and the type of benefits can vary based on the kind of endowment plan an individual has opted for. With an endowment plan, a persona can opt for insurance products that provide both the benefit of insurance as well as investment.

Money-back Policies
Money back policies are basically an extension of endowment plans wherein the policy holder receives a fixed amount at specific intervals throughout the duration of the policy. In the event of the unfortunate death of the policy holder, the full sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries. The terms again might slightly vary from one insurance company to another.

Unit-linked Insurance Policies (ULIP)
Unit-linked insurance plan
Unit linked insurance policies again belong to the insurance-cum-investment category where one gets to enjoy the benefits of both insurance and investment. While a part of the monthly premium pay-out goes towards the insurance cover, the remaining money is invested in various types of funds that invest in debt and equity instruments. ULIP plans are more or less similar in comparison to mutual funds except for the difference that ULIPs offer the additional benefit of insurance.

Pension Policies

Pension policies let individuals determine a fixed stream of income post retirement. This basically is a retirement planning investment scheme where the sum assured or the monthly pay-out after retirement entirely depends on the capital invested, the investment time frame, and the age at which one wishes to retire. There are again several types of pension plans that cater to different investment needs. Now it is recognized as insurance product and being regulated by IRDA.



Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy in Insurance Sector

As per the current (March 2006) FDI norms, foreign participation in an Indian insurance company is restricted to 26.0% of its equity / ordinary share capital. The Insurance Regulator has stipulated that foreign investment in Indian Insurance companies be limited to 26% of total equity issued (FDI limit) with the balance being funded by Indian promoter entities. The limit to foreign investment includes both direct and indirect investment and has been a cause of significant lobbying by foreign insurance companies for a change in regulations to increase the FDI limit to 49% of equity issued.

The Indian government has supported an increase in the FDI limit, which requires a change in the Insurance Act. The Union Budget for fiscal 2005 had recommended that the ceiling on foreign holding be increased to 49.0%.
A change in the Insurance Act requires a passage of the bill in both houses of Parliament. The Indian government has tabled the bill in the Upper House of Parliament in August 2010.


Duties, powers and functions of irda

Section 14 of IRDA Act, 1999 lays down the duties, powers and functions of IRDA..
Subject to the provisions of this Act and any other law for the time being in force, the Authority shall have the duty to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the insurance business and re-insurance business.
1. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions contained in sub-section (1), the powers and functions of the Authority shall include, –

o issue to the applicant a certificate of registration, renew, modify, withdraw, suspend or cancel such registration;

o protection of the interests of the policy holders in matters concerning assigning of policy, nomination by policy holders, insurable interest, settlement of insurance claim,surrender value of policy and other terms and conditions of contracts of insurance;

o specifying requisite qualifications, code of conduct and practical training for intermediary or insurance intermediaries and agents

o specifying the code of conduct for surveyors and loss assessors;

o promoting efficiency in the conduct ofinsurance business;

o promoting and regulating professional organisations connected with the insuranceand re-insurance business;

o levying fees and other charges for carrying out the purposes of this Act;

o calling for information from, undertaking inspection of, conducting enquiries and investigations including audit of the insurers, intermediaries, insurance intermediaries and other organisations connected with the insurance business;

o control and regulation of the rates, advantages, terms and conditions that may be offered by insurers in respect of general insurance business not so controlled and regulated by the Tariff Advisory Committee under section 64U of the Insurance Act, 1938 (4 of 1938);

o specifying the form and manner in which books of account shall be maintained and statement of accounts shall be rendered by insurers and other insurance intermediaries;

o regulating investment of funds by insurance companies;

o regulating maintenance of margin of solvency;

o adjudication of disputes between insurers and intermediaries or insurance intermediaries;

o supervising the functioning of the Tariff Advisory Committee;

o specifying the percentage of premium income of the insurer to finance schemes for promoting and regulating professional organisations referred to in clause (f);

o specifying the percentage of life insurance business and general insurance business to be undertaken by the insurer in the rural or social sector;

o exercising such other powers as may be prescribed

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110 Responses to “LIC ADO Interview Questions and Answers, Date Schedule”

    • Dhananjay Khiratkar says:

      I was appeared for the examination from central zone and cleared the examination. There is the list of 1461 applicants who cleared the examination. This list was published at LIC nagpur divisional office. My Question is…….

      1461 applicant is cleared from only nagpur zone or from weastern zone?

      for nagpur there are total 69 vacuncies…… so if the list is for nagpur zone only then ratio will become 1:20… is that possible?

      Please Rply.

  1. chandan kumar singh says:

    i have got mail about ma selection in lic ado….. how to recieve interview call letter.itz written that u will recieve letter from divisional office

    • admin says:

      It means You will in a short while will receive the notifications regarding Interview Call letter.. Also do check out the official website or Book mark us and we will provide the Updates

  2. sudha says:

    i am a b.e(cse) graduate i have cleared lic ado exam in southzone when will be the interview what type of questions will be asked? will they select me since i have no job experiance?
    is there any elimination in interview?

  3. Kunal Sukhdeve says:

    Hi admin
    I am MCA graduate. i have cleared lic ado exam in westzone when will be the interview what type of questions will be asked? will they select me as i have experiance i IT field?
    is there any elimination in interview?

  4. skumar says:

    I got mail regarding the successful clearance of ado written exam,when will be interview and what type of question they ask.

  5. revathy says:

    i got ma mail dat i hav cleared d ado written xam wen will i get d call lettr and i wud lyk to abt d questions asked during intervie..southzone

  6. Zeba says:

    I’ve got an intrview ques. 2 ask,
    What is the diff. b/w sales and marketing?

    • Saleem says:

      meeting the needs of your customer at a profit.. It involves the market Mix, that is Product, Price, Place & Promotion
      Developing the products/service as per customer expectation,
      determining the price of that product which gives value to the customer,
      making available that product to the customer place by strong distribution channel & creating awareness about the product by different promotional activities.
      Where as Sales is part of Marketing. It is nothing but exchange of goods or service by paying its value in terms of money.

      • Zeba says:

        thanks so much. Appreciate it.

        • Saleem says:

          Thats k, if any questions u can contact me at any time, I have completed my BE & MBA and working as a Sales Engineer.
          This is the second time i have cleared LIC ADO exam

          • Zeba says:

            Thats great. It wud b very nice if you could share your last interview experience.
            What kind of ques were asked? What should we prepare?

            Thanks. :)

          • Saleem says:

            My performance was not up to the mark in last interview. Questions what i got are as below
            -Give your self introduction
            -What is the present population of India?
            -What date our Holy Quran has come to existence?
            - How do you sell LIC Policies?
            -What are the responsibilities of ADO?
            -What do you know about LIC?
            -Present Chairmanof LIC?
            -Why do you want to join LIC?
            You can contact me on 9008947864, for any further queries.

          • Srikanth says:

            Can you share your interview experience

          • AJEETH says:


          • Zeba says:

            okay, great. Thanks again, just one last ques. How do you sell policy?
            Am not from mba background, its all new to me.
            Thank u.

          • Saurabh says:

            Hi Saleem,
            i hv also cleared lic ado written exam…thanx for ur experiences…it will help us during interview…i hv done BE computers and MBA marketing….i want to know is there any good career opportunity for BE + MBA graduate ? Also like to know about career as a sales engineer.

          • Zeba says:

            Hi, its me again. Just wanted to ask about the interview dates.
            Any idea, when can we expect our interview call letters? First week of april or later?

        • Saleem says:

          selling process
          Searching for new clients who might benefit from LIC policies or services and maximizing client potential in designated regions;
          Developing long-term relationships with clients through managing and interpreting their requirements;
          Persuading clients that the service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery;

          Analyzing costs and sales, giving discounts, setting margins etc;
          Preparing reports for head office;
          Meeting regular sales targets and coordinating sales projects;
          Supporting marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events;
          Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product meets client needs;
          Liaising with other members of the sales team

          Travelling to various places for client meeting

  7. Deepa says:

    Hey i m frm west……….i want to know whether we have to collect interview letter frm divisional office or we will get it through an email………please reply…..

  8. Joheb ahmed says:

    Plz tel me bout the job profile,if u cant achieve the target u wil b terminated or wat,i dnt hv ne knwldge regardng dat,plz sum 1 tel me

  9. vanitha says:

    i am from south (tamilnadu-thanjavur) zone.i received a mail regarding ADO selection..i want to know the score?and also want to know wn ll interview?how to get it..plz tell me…

    • rajesh says:

      hi vanitha am rajesh frm trichy but wrote exm at chennai divison and also got selected for interview but its very hard to predict how they are going to select for their desire

  10. HARI says:

    i got mail about ADO selection , how should i get interview call latter ? if any body recieved
    please give the information ………

  11. Aishu says:

    Hi.. I got a mail stating about clearing ado examination. Iam from south zone. Im a B.E graduate.I am working in IT for 1.5 years.I dont have any experience in insurance field. Will i be able to clear the intervview???
    Wen will be the interview date??????

    • Saleem says:

      Even i am also BE & MBA. After BE i cleared this exam but not able to clear interview. But this time after MBA again i have cleared the exam & confident to clear interview.

      If u brush up ur basics of Sales u can clear the exam. U need to create a confidence in the mind of interviewer that u can sell those policeis

  12. Hrbee says:

    If anybody has any idea about the interview schedule and received any call letter for interview then please post here………..:)

  13. devi says:

    Plz tel me bout the job profile,if u cant achieve the target u wil b terminated or wat? i don’t know abt tis kind jobs.plz explain abt this ado job.

  14. jo says:

    am from south zone. B.E(EEE) graduate and fresher. OBC category. any chances to clear lic ado interview?? pls give some tips to clear interview. pls. how many candidates selected for interview?? is it easy to clear this interview??

  15. Anchal says:

    Yes..I have got the call letter for LIC ADO interview.

  16. Ramesh says:

    If anybody has any idea about the interview schedule and received any call letter for interview then please post here………..

  17. seema says:

    please guide me for lic ado interview preparation……………….

  18. Aishu says:

    Without mba and experience in insurance is it possible to clear the interview

  19. bharath says:

    @ anchal.. when did u got the letter and when is ur interview? from which zone r u ?

  20. deepti says:

    has anyone received the call letter

  21. deepti says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez anyone knows the intervw date, please let me know

  22. Babul says:

    How many will be selected from interview i am from south Zone

  23. dhanam says:

    how many members are selected in south zone? please guide me for interview preparation…….

  24. mega says:

    may be interview date after april 15th

  25. Ravjinder says:

    I have cleared the LIC ADO written exam from jalandhar zone.I am MCA passout.What are my chances to clear the interview as i dont have a sales background.

  26. Aishu says:

    Got my interview date and schedule. April 25th, LIC Building Chennai 1.

  27. Pinku Chaudhary says:

    Hi Guys…
    I am also clear exam. I am from North Central zone .
    What kind of question will be there.
    And date of interview will be likely…
    If any one have update about it.
    Then tell me…
    Mobile -09990324426

    • vikram mukherjee says:

      i have cracked the ado exam. i am from east zone (kolkata). is their anyone from west bengal or eastern zone who has qualified for the interview ? i did not get any interview call letter though.

  28. SKY says:

    yes,i got an interview letter its on 15th of april,from north zone !!hope for the best..

    • vipul says:

      i am also from north zone….and mine interview is on 16th april……so plzzz u share ur todays interview experience of north zone..

    • md sabahuddin says:

      hi sky hope u will have faced yr interview. i am also going to face on the 20 of this month can u please tell me the questions u were asked. i shall be very thankful to u

  29. hari says:

    Got my interview date and schedule. April 25th,in interview online application form r asking….how to download?

  30. hari says:

    I cleared the LIC ADO exam and waiting for interview. But i
    forget to take the printout of the online application form
    while applying. But they ask to sumbit the online
    application form at the time of interview. It will create
    any problem during interview? Please tell me in detail.

  31. suneel says:

    hai i selected lic ado interview i am south central zone rajahmundry division i am B Tech student this is 2nd time i am selected any que plz call me my ph no 9963774502

    • abhishek says:

      hey i have been selected for lic ado interview.i have completed my BE(IT).
      can u plz tell me the inerview questions.

  32. abhishek says:

    how you will sell lic policy?
    plz tell me the answer.

  33. vaishali says:

    I am from south central zone(bangalore-1).any one get interview dates,please update

  34. vikram mukherjee says:

    if anyone has received the interview call letter please tell me how he has received it? through post or through email? what you need to do next ? please provide the details because i did not get any interview letter till today , i belong from east zone kolkata and pretty much worried !

  35. smiley says:

    hi would anyone tell..what are all the things need to be prepared for the lic-ado interview.
    i want to know the topics that are need to be prepared for the interview.

  36. shyamala says:

    are they selecting the BE pupil or only MBA graduates will get selected .. and also how about girls ??? girls are given chances ??? or not possible to get through ??

  37. suresh says:

    hello..I m from south central zone rajahmundry division. my interview date 24th april. is there anyone from same division ..

  38. pankaj says:

    hi avinash when did u get interview letter even i am from south central zone,Bangalore-1?hi vaishali did u get interview letter?

  39. hiral shah says:

    i got letter……. now the interview

    Please give some tips for interview

  40. garima says:

    please sir tell me what is the ratio of selected candidates with the available seat? i am from north central zone [allahabad]

  41. G vinutha says:

    i got a call letter for the inerview ado is on 26th april 2013 so what qustions they may ask pls help me

  42. sagar says:

    Tell me the topics which they cover in the interview about lic,how we can find the agents and how we can make them to do the policies please let me know,i don’t have any idea about it ……………@saleem

  43. ashu says:

    i am also from allahabad div interview on 22 april ….

  44. girish says:

    hi guys i m from western zone mumbai.. I have my interview on 16th apr @ 2pm.. Is here any1 from mumbai???? U can even mail me on

  45. ashu says:

    i am also from allahabad div interview on 22 april …. aapka kab hai?

  46. mega says:

    my interview date 25th april south zone madurai division that day madurai full local holiday so wat abt interview i dont know any one know ?

    • sagar says:

      1.what do you know abt LIC.
      2.why do you choose this job
      3.If you get any job will you leave this job
      4.some current affair questions
      totally we have to prove that ,i have interest in this job,i will stick on to this job,we have to make them believe that we have interest in the lic ado.

  47. varsha says:

    Hello friends i heard that Without mba and experience in insurance is it possible to clear the that true? and how about girls? They had given any chances or not? plz reply me

  48. vaishali says:

    Avinash and pankaj what is your interview dates

  49. pravesh says:

    if any one has interview on 26 april at janakpuri delhi then plz call me i also qualified for interview…my number is 9555357572

  50. bhaskar says:

    hey guys,those who had interiews in march
    why don’t u post the questions here
    n help us to know better the panels out there please do help us

  51. vaishali says:

    Hi guys,
    please share information ,if ou have any idea about when final result will come.

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