PGCET 2012 Karnataka Answer Key, Solution, Cut off –

PGCET 2012 Karnataka Answer Key, Solution, Cut off Marks at

Karnataka State Examinatiion Board Known as Karnataka Examinations Authority KEA conducts PGCET for the candidates who aspire to take post graduation and UGCET 2012 for candidates who want to pursue graduation courses in any universities in Karnataka state.

PGCET – Post Graduate Common Entrance Test 2012 is supposed to happen on 28th and 29th July 2012. And registrations are closed for the PGCET 2012.

Karnataka PGCET 2012 Answer Key , Solution, Sheet, PGCET 2012 Cut off Marks :

As soon as the Entrance test is over the KEA board would update its web site with the relevant Answer sheet, solutions, solved question papers for analysis and the expected Cut off marks for selection would be revealed and also it will be a predicted one.


Karnataka PGCET 2012 Admit card, Duplicate Hall ticket  could be downloaded if a candidate had lost the Original Admit card and it has to be downloaded before 28th July. You could use the above link for downloading the hall tickets.

Karnataka PGCET 2012 Counselling shedule, Rank card, Merit List, Seat Allocation or seat matrix, filling option form, admissions, such details will be briefed in this web site and you could get yourself aware of these info by logging on here .


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7 Responses to “PGCET 2012 Karnataka Answer Key, Solution, Cut off –”

  1. ballu says:


  2. prashu says:

    PGCET No.:: BS506
    Name : PRASHANTH R.D
    VERSION Code :: A2
    Question no. :: 5, 6, 20, 23, 24, 27,
    39, 45, 51, 53, 56, 66, 68

    5). When the RET instruction at the end of subroutine is placed
    Correct Ans: C) two data byte stored in the top two locations of the stack are transferred to the program counter ( refered by MCGraw)

    6). which type of the cascade action should not be used for implementing an identifying relationship?
    Correct Ans: D) ON DELETE RESTRICT

    20) Let S and Q Be two semaphores initialized to 1,where p0 and p1 process the following
    Correct Ans: B) Deadlock

    23). Which of the following is not possible algorithmically?
    Correct Ans : C) Non-deterministic PDA to deterministic PDA
    ( Refered by GATE 2012[page 4.39]0

    24). which of the following is true?
    Correct Ans : B) Every finite subset of a non regular set is not regular

    27. )in a class consisting of 18 boys and 22 girls,one student is absent.the probability of that the absent student is a boy
    Correct Ans: A) 9/20

    39). THE function f:z->z given by f(x)=x2 is
    Correct Ans: B) Onto (REFERED BY 2012 GATE [PAGE 4.40])

    Part 2

    51). Correct Ans: D) it is context free

    53). If we use the algorithm for producing a lossless decomposition into Boyce-codd normal form with relation schema OF R(A,B,C) and set of fds as
    (AB->C,C->A) then the algorithm would produce as output.?
    Correct Ans: B) a relation schema with(A,B,C) (refered by dbms 5th edition)

    56). The mean of the observation x, x+3, x+5, x+7, x+10 is 9 the mean of last three observations is?
    Correct ANS : B ) 11* 1/3

    63). you have create a simple frame and overridden the paint method as follows
    Public void paint(Graphics g)
    Correct ANS: A) THE string dolly will displayed at the centre of the frame

    66) .

    68). Let sigma=(a,b,c,d,e).The number of strings in sigma* of length 4 such that no symbol is used more than once in a string is
    Correct Ans: 120

    REGARDING above mentioned answers are right answers. we are solved the problem. I got the answer from different text books same answers (gate 2012,mcgraw) but in your website key answers shows that wrong answers.



  3. Pravin says:

    Objection of PGCET-2012.

    Subjet: Electrical Science Part-A , Instrumentation Part-B

    Version Code: .A-3

    Qusetion No.:

    Part-A : 8-A , 11-B, 12-C, 27-A, 33-C, 36-C, 37-B, 39-A, 44-D, 45-B

    Part-B : 46-D, 51-D, 53-A, 55-D, 61-C, 63-B, 67-A, 59-A, 74-D, 75-D

    are these answers are correct, please check it once.

  4. kala says:

    I got 33 in CSE … What rank i can expect…? Is there any possibility to get seat in computer science. Please reply…

  5. vinay says:

    As far as my survey is concerned i feel that 45+ marks will atleast fetch you an average college… But 30s is definitely doubtful, but if you have reservation then till casual your luck can change… But my feel is that very slim chances…

  6. vinay says:

    how much everyone in cse expecting here???
    Myself 55-60…

  7. Jamboola says:

    I expect 69-80

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